Die, Die My Darling


This year I was casting around for a "Halloween" tune to record for SL people and nothing was catching my fancy, and one of the SL weirdos (but who is quite weird-music savvy) suggested The Misfits' "Die, Die My Darling." It didn't catch my fancy either. Nor did Metallica's better-known cover. It sounds like it's underwater, it's misogynistic, and when The Misfits recorded it in 1981 they thought so highly of the results they shelved it…and then broke up. Eventually Glenn Danzig remixed it (gosh, what was it like before?) and released it on his own label. I guess "Die, Die My Darling" became a fan favourite and from there just about everybody with a distortion pedal and shite mic covered it. I have a distortion pedal and a shite mic…so why not meeeeee? Ha.

Thing is, it's very minimal — it can't swap out loud and fast for a subtle, sophisticated shuffle. And French doom metal band (why yes, that combination of words does make me giggle!) Monarch already did a surprisingly credible loud-and-gloomy-sludge version. So, I went with a slightly different sort of fast and loud, and brought in my screaming Telecaster trick. I tried to get a bit of a live feel by recording the rhythm guitars and doubled lead vocals live in one take each. That took more attempts than I'd like to admit so I shant be doing that again!

Written by Glenn Danzig

(Released October 2019)