Magic Books

Do you love to read? Or at least look like you do? Instead of buying a bunch of random prop books for your Second Life home, how about books that can be almost any book you like?

Dice Poppers

For years, a friend used a very old dice popper to help with trivia games simply because there was nothing better to be had. I realised the dice popper market was ripe for disruption! Et voila. Poppers for your six-sided and RPG dice-rolling needs.


(That's just a working title.)

Think of Teh Globe as a clickable trivia ball—no typing required! The Globe asks questions, and players click the globe to place pins as close as possible to the answer. Thousands of questions, hours of fun! Also! Learn about almost anywhere on Earth with a cool Explore Mode. And it even does pictures!

COMING SOON — Kyrie, Your Sassy Virtual World Personal Assistant

Have you used things like Siri or Cortana on your phone or computer, or maybe a creepy "smart speaker" like Google Home? Kyrie is a similar (not creepy!) idea for Second Life. You can ask her questions using natural language, have her search for events or teleport you places—she'll even comment on your friends' outfits. Her capabilities expand all the time. (Oh, did I mention her snark?)