Do You Wanna Be My Dog


In 1969 The Stooges' "I Wanna Be Your Dog" helped define what would become both heavy metal and punk; however, the version I first heard as an impressionable teenager was done almost 20 years later by Joan Jett & The Blackhearts.

A few months ago, I did an impromptu thing at a music store with a local hard rock band, and afterward they invited me to do a few shows with them. They offered to add a few songs for me—"anything you want." We'd only have a little rehearsal time so I suggested "I Wanna Be Your Dog" because it's repetitive and basically four chords. "Great!" they said, "we remember that from Grand Theft Auto!"" Imagine my eyeroll. Later, we actually rehearsed it and they heard my take on the lyrics (I am nobody's dog, thank you very much) and they vetoed the idea. "You can't disrespect Iggy Pop like that!" the lead singer told me. I replied, "I think Iggy would be the first to say if you can't do a song how you like, f*ck you." Which pretty much set the tenor of my subsequent interactions with that local hard rock band.

So I did it myself. This is basically a more-aggressive, less-’80s, less-wanky take on Joanie's version because I liked the shift to 12/8 (triplets, whatever) at the end. You know…it sounds like an excited, running puppy. Everybody likes puppies.

Written by The Stooges (James Osterberg Jr., Dave Alexander, Ron Asheton, Scott Asheton).

(Released June 2019)