Blue Christmas


I think I've invented a new musical genre: holiday cowcountrybillylounge.

This track started as a (failed) experiment getting an old-timey tone micing an acoustic guitar…and I just kept adding one cheesy thing after another because I was drinking and it made me laugh. Cowboy wood blocks? Yup. Glockenspiel? Sure, mate. Mosey-along tick-tack guitar? Natch. Vibraphone? Hell yes. Eleventy kilos of reverb? Check. Change between IΔ9 and a VIΔ6 and tritone sub a Δ9#11 for a V7#5 at the end? Calling all lizards to the velvet lounge. I set a few rules to keep it fun—every track had to be one take the whole way through (and I stuck to that, although I don't think any of them are the first take). I am kinda proud of the back 16 on the solo break: that's not a steel guitar, but my silly fake Telecaster, same amp setup as the low tick-tack line (one take, all the way through, remember!). I try that trick live sometimes, but it's rare that I sustain it more than two bars.

Written by Billy Hayes & Jay W. Johnson

(Released December 2018)